Low stress stockmanship made easy
Bud  WIlliams
Stockmanship Journal
Cowboy Conservation
Holistic Management International
Savory Institute

     Low stress cattle handling is one of the most beneficial, yet overlooked and misunderstood management tools a rancher has. 
This method of handling cattle benefits your ranching operation in the following ways:
  1. You know where your cattle are 
  2. You know what the condition of your cattle are
  3. Improve your bottom line through lower morbidity/mortality rates
  4. You can gather your cattle in one day, without hiring day help
  5. Follow grazing plans to increase forage    and improve wildlife habitat without needing to build any extra fencing

     In feedlots, low stress handling will improve your bottom line by

  1. Reducing morbidity
  2. Decreasing mortality
  3. Reducing amounts of antibiotics used (by as much as 50%)
  4. Reducing pen riding accidents
  5. Increasing ADG through less sickness and stress
  6. Reducing time spent on hard pulls

     For more information on schools for ranches, feedlots and introductory clinics, click here or  email me.

Alejandro Carillo, Chihuahua, Mexico states:

   We had the opportunity to have Bob at the ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico last week. It was a great learning experience seeing how he was able to move our cattle without stress them out and bunch them up to act as one herd. We also learned a great deal of horsemanship as well as many other experiences Bob was willing to share. The cost/benefit of having Bob at the ranch was excellent. I highly recommend Bob's services."