The home of IMG (Instinctive Migratory Grazing)
     After years of trying to find a name that accurately describes how herd instinct is used in holistic/regenerative grazing programs, a student gave me the name. Instinctive Migratory Grazing, or IMG. The cattle on his family's Santa Maria Cattle Company are instinctively migrating across the pastures on their 20,000 acre ranch, and are only using seventeen pastures in the process. One unexpected benefit is that the cattle are picking bare ground to bed down on at night, which is concentrating impact and stimulating those areas without any extra effort! Read more on what this ranch has accomplished here!  
I travel to ranches to conduct schools upon request. Currently we are  tentatively scheduling schools in Mexico, Australia, and the USA.  Class sizes are limited to 10 riders and priced to be more economical than traditional video/lecture based schools where you never work a cow. Please feel free to  Email me if you are interested in holding a school in the US, Australia or Canada. For schools in Mexico, please contact Pedro Dominguez on Facebook. 
I have also released a dvd showing the basics of achieving this kind of herd behavior which is received a favorable review from Alan Newport. The dvd is available on Amazon for $35.  Enjoy the trailer below for Stockmanship 101 (rebooting herd instinct in cattle)