Blending the art of low stress stockmanship with the science of planned biological grazing

Short of help? We can provide you with an experienced crew for your all of your cattle working needs. All of these guys are experienced to working big pastures and rough country. Why go through a list trying to find help when you can get a crew with a single call (432.284.1553) or email?

Consulting Without forage and water, no ranch can be financially viable. In order to practice the management techniques to increase forage and grass diversity, there will need to be some changes in your infrastructure. I can help you determine the most efficient and cost effective way to accomplish these changes in a way which will actually reduce your labor while increasing stocking rates.

Stockmanship Training In addition to restructuring infrastructure, I can train you and your crew to change the behavior of your cattle and run them through your grazing plan without needing to change your current fences.

Recreational Ranches The key to a successful hunting ranch is habitat and forage. As recently as 120 years ago, most of the southwestern United States was described as a "Sea of Grass." Today there are people who are still alive, who can point out areas of creosote and mesquite covered land which had such lush grass when they were children, that it was hayed.  Unfortunately the common belief that the cure is to let nature takes its course and the land will heal itself has been proven wrong many times. However it is possible to heal the land and restore the forage without using ecologically unsafe chemical with a combination of contour plowing and holistic grazing. An example of how this has been done successfully in far west Texas is the Circle Ranch, in Hudspeth county. Email us today to talk about how we can help you regenerate your forage and habitat faster and more economically.